Attract and keep your ideal customers

Helping small and medium-sized businesses to make their online presence really work is what I love doing most.

It can be such a confusing thing to get right. I mean, we all use the internet every day and we all know when we like a website or when we hate one, but it’s really hard to make our own site be one that other people will love. What’s the trick?

If you want to learn simple, manageable steps on how to make your website work better then you’ve come to the right place. Often it’s not rocket science. But easy errors can lead to your visitors bouncing off your site rather than staying there to get to know you further. Seeing your site through your visitors’ eyes will help you see the distractions and pitfalls and clear them out of the way. Let me help you stand back and see what you need to change to make your website work wonderfully.

About Inga

I have an overriding passion for making things work well, and then going back again and making them work better. Now I apply this passion to my work in website strategy, managing the building of numerous websites, from smaller, ‘simple’ sites to navigational challenges. The beginning of a site is to understand the business goal and the content to be presented. Then I work with the client as well as with designers, coders and copywriters to bring the site to the go-live moment and beyond. My focus is always to
merge the goal the website owner has for the site with ease of use and clear delivery of information to the web-visitors.

For me, a website is functional art. It should inform, inspire, or even intrigue its guests. The site should be the perfect host, guiding the visitors through the pages with ease, so that they quickly achieve their purpose, even having enjoyed the experience. Then they will return again and again.

My background encompasses maths, computers, language and an interest in art. When I was young I would take cameras and clocks apart to see how they functioned. When the first home computers became available, I taught myself to program. Later, I found myself spending hours with numerous humming computers in a university basement. Always my drive is to find how to make things work more efficiently and to bring better returns.

Every vital part of a website – design, code, copy, usability, search engine optimisation, social media – needs to work together to produce the desired result. I help combine both beauty and function, delivering a website that not only provides the bare information or a product the user is looking for, but which engages them and binds them to you as a loyal customer. What an opportunity!

I love websites that I’ve worked on winning awards, but my real pleasure is in the website owner seeing growth from their site after implementing the steps we put together for it. So, whether your site is a minimalist one pager or a labyrinthine masterpiece, get in touch and let’s see how we can make your site work wonderfully and bring on the smiles!

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