Making Your Website Work Better

Do you wrinkle your face when you think of your own website? Or does it fill you with pride? Is it bringing you business, or are you reluctant to even give people your domain name?
Does your website bring on the smiles?

If your website is causing you consternation, I’m here to help. Do you know that even with great design, robust code and optimised, copywritten text, your website might still not be making you or your visitors really smile?
And often it can be quick and simple changes that can bring your website back on track.
Hello- I’m Inga Spouse and I love making websites work wonderfully. I’m always happy to talk website strategy, content strategy, usability or just plain – what’s going wrong?

So how is your website performing?
Have a look at my advice and tips to see what
tricks you could use to make a better website experience for your visitors, or contact me to see how I can help you with making your website really work.

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